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Meet the Ramblers...

Jim Sindelar, clarinet and sax (music director). A Hopkinton (NH) resident, Jim hails from Wisconsin where he grew up playing in his dad's dance band and is a veteran of the UW Marching Band. He plays the tuba as well as the woodwinds and has been known to blow a mean polka on either instrument when on break from jazz. Jim's a retired N.H.T.I. electrical engineering professor and an expert white-water kayaker who has paddled major rapids in the U.S. and the Andes. He plays clarinet with the Hopkinton Town Band, bass clarinet with the Upper Valley Community Band, and tuba with the Carter Mountain Brass Band. Jim collects vintage horns and admires clarinetist Pete Fountain, The Bob Crosby Bob Cats, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, bassist/composer Bob Haggert, and tuba players who paid their dues in Milwaukee.

Iris Sindelar, cornet/trumpet. A software engineer by profession, Iris plays the French horn in the Hopkinton Town Band and Upper Valley Community Band, and the flugelhorn and cornet in the Carter Mountain Brass Band. Another Wisconsin native, she played trumpet for 16 years with the AT&T / Lucent Jazz Band during her career in information technology firms in Massachusetts. In addition to her professional and musical talents, Iris is proficient in Russian and German and is an accomplished artist, chef and seamstress who made the Ramblers' red vests. She runs a software company in Hopkinton, NH.

Jim Burkhardt, piano. Jim led his own dance band in high school in upstate New York before attending M.I.T., where he founded the M.I.T. Concert Band and just happened to earn a Ph.D. in nuclear physics in his spare time. He is also an accomplished clarinetist and plays that instrument in the Hopkinton Town Band and New Hampshire's historic Nevers 2nd Regt. Band. He's retired in Hopkinton where he's an amateur winemaker (Schloss Burkhardt), invents things in his workshop, skates on Turkey Pond whenever possible, and arranges music for the Fountain Square Ramblers and the Hopkinton Town Band.

Bill Halacy, bass. Bill's first instrument is the trumpet, which he plays in the Hopkinton Town Band. On inheriting a stand-up bass, however, this retired Concord (NH) police chief decided it would be a crime to leave such a fine old instrument under the bed and became a charter member of the Ramblers. When not playing music, Bill seeks out and appreciates an amazing amount of jazz, teaches law enforcement at the New Hampshire Technical Institute, and studies and teaches traditional East Asian healing arts.


Mike Mikuski, trumpet. Mike grew up in Pawtucket, RI.  Excelling primarily in music as a French horn player, he attended college at the Boston Conservatory of Music and graduated with a degree in music education.  After a brief career as a musician and teacher, he pursued an engineering career in the electronic circuit industry which brought him to New Hampshire.  During that industry's downturn several years ago he returned to freelance musicianship, this time primarily as a trumpet player, and teaching instrumental music in various public and private schools and music stores.  He adds that his cat Gracie allows him to share a house with her in Deerfield.

Jeff Lizotte has been playing drums since high school.  He is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and has played percussion in bands of the U.S. 39th ArmyBand and U.S. Great Lakes Navy Band.   He has also played with Nevers’ 2nd Regiment Band, Carter Mt. Brass Band and various pit orchestras.  He lives in Bow with his wife, Jeanette and has two daughters, Elizabeth and Nicole.  In the summer Jeff works at Baker Hill Golf Club and in the winter is a ski instructor at Pat’s Peak.